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Council’s £250,000 target at auction sale target
4:23pm Thu Dec 12, 2013
A council committee has agreed the sale of three assets it says are surplus to requirements.
Newark and Sherwood District Council will sell 85 Millgate, Newark, which was home to the Newark and Sherwood Volunteer Bureau, the listed Bede House Chapel, and land at Boundary Road, Newark, at auction.

The chairman of the council’s policy committee, Mr Roger Blaney, said the sale would yield capital receipts of £250,000.

The council is also set to make £190,000 to £225,000 from the sale of the former Ollerton Corner Tourist Information Centre, which has been boarded-up for the past ten months.

There were plans to lease the building, which stands close to Ollerton Roundabout, to a café operator but these fell through. Now Marston’s brewery wants the land as part of a larger plot owned by Thoresby Estate to build a family pub.

The sale was agreed by the committee, despite opposition. Committee member Mr David Staples said: “Two pubs have closed in Ollerton and one in Edwinstowe. There isn’t a need for another and we shouldn’t be encouraging the sale of alcohol to road users.”

Mr Blaney said: “It is in the interests of the local community to get a capital receipt (for the land) which can be reinvested across the district.”

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