7:57am Thu Jan 12, 2017
WE ARE less than two weeks into 2017, but fears have already been expressed that it could be as long as two years before the sorry saga of Newark’s Robin Hood Hotel reaches a conclusion.
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11:57am Thu Dec 13, 2012

WHEN campaigners calling for improvements at Newark look around they see hospitals in neighbouring towns with a higher level of service. It is not unreasonable to expect Newark at least to be on a par with those towns.

Grantham Hospital, for instance, is a similar distance from Lincoln Hospital as Newark is from both Lincoln and King’s Mill.

Yet it has a critical care unit offering more emergency care facilities than Newark’s Minor Injuries Unit.

Crucially, it can stabilise the highest category emergency cases before they are transferred to bigger hospitals.

The demands on the health service in Newark are going to increase with an expected rise in population of around 50% by 2026, thanks largely to the Growth Point development.

Campaigners are not calling for a full A&E department, but the case for a considerable step up from what is available now is only going to grow stronger.


In every community there are unsung heroes who put themselves out to help others.

The Newark and Sherwood District Council Citizen of the Year Awards, which also salute individual achievement, turn the spotlight on those who go the extra mile.

This year’s winners all demonstrated a selflessness worthy of public recognition.

They are a credit to themselves, their families and the communities and organisations they serve.

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