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Reader’s letter: A decade of service

To the residents of Balderton and Coddington, as I approach my tenth year serving as your district councillor I find myself reflecting on the journey we have embarked upon together.

When I first stepped into this role, nearly a decade ago at the age of 30, I was a former serviceman with no experience in local politics.

Despite this, you entrusted me with the responsibility of representing your interests, a trust you have reaffirmed through three consecutive elections.

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

From the outset, my mission was to champion our green spaces in Coddington and Balderton, ensuring they were preserved for future generations while enhancing our parks and recreational areas with significant investments, notably in Thorpe Oaks and Thorpe Close.

Tackling anti-social behaviour in Balderton, rolling out glass collection services, and enhancing our community’s engagement through unprecedented use of social media and direct communication were all initiatives we pursued together.

We worked to bring significant infrastructure projects to fruition, like the southern link road, which is among the most substantial investments our area has seen.

One of the first successes I had was in overturning a policy aimed at reducing the size of residents’ bins within my first seven weeks in office. This victory was not just about bin sizes; it symbolised our collective ability to make impactful changes from the ground up.

Efforts to safeguard bus services, reduce speed limits in critical areas, attract substantial business investments, and enhance street safety have all contributed to the well-being of our community.

Moreover, we have stood firm against inappropriate developments, like the Highfield development to protect our green spaces (something I was told we would never achieve).

Perhaps most importantly, we have planted over 10,000 trees, a testament to our commitment to the environment and our future.

As I reflect on these accomplishments, I’m filled with gratitude for the trust and support you’ve shown me.

Starting as an injured serviceman stepping into local politics, I was empowered by your belief in my potential to effect change.

Together, we have achieved so much, and yet, I believe there’s still more we can do.

Here’s to the past decade of service and to the future we will shape together.

With sincere thanks and ongoing commitment. — CLLR JOHNO LEE.

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