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Reader's letter: A little advice

Having read Michael Briggs’ letter (Listen To The Voting Public, News Views, April 22) I am confused. Should we vote or not vote in the upcoming county council elections?

Mr Briggs suggests that for the first time in 60 years he is contemplating not voting, then ends his letter by stating that having fewer people voting will only help councillors get re-elected.

I would strongly advise Mr Briggs to use his vote.

He may be disillusioned with the latest crop of councillors ­— I suspect most people are ­— but not voting just looks like apathy, and not the protest he imagines.

If none of the candidates appeal, then just spoil your ballot paper. At least then the powers-that-be know you wanted to vote but none of the candidates appealed. ­— A. CHAMBERS, Newark, via email.

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