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What was making the news in the Newark Advertiser in 1923, 1973 and 1998

The Advertiser has opened its archives to look at what was making the news this week 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

Does it bring back any memories for you?

25 years ago -July 24, 1998

Collingham celebrity cricket match for Beaumond House Hospice Aid. July 1998
Collingham celebrity cricket match for Beaumond House Hospice Aid. July 1998

ABOVE: Grey clouds threatened to put a dampener on the third annual charity cricket match in aid of Newark and District Hospice Aid, but the weather held.

Collingham Cricket Club made its ground available for the match, which featured a team of celebrities captained by actor Chris Chittell, who plays Eric Pollard in Emmerdale.

He persuaded several of his colleagues to appear with him in the eleven.

The British National Party is planning to held a members’ meeting in Newark to discuss a strategy to fight crime, which could involve vigilante-style groups patrolling the streets.

The extreme right-wing political party, which claims to have strong support in Newark, has criticised the way the town is policed, particularly on housing estates like Yorke Drive.

One of Southwell’s oldest and best-known buildings, the Saracen’s Head Hotel, has been sold.

The hotel has been sold by Forte Heritage for an undisclosed amount to Old English Country Inns and Hotels. The new owners plan to invest around £28,000 in the building.

Newark Parish Church choir sang from the tower parapet at the end of a thanksgiving service to mark the centenary of the church clock.

As part of the celebrations, the four faces of the clock, which had become dull and worn over the years, were regilded in gold leaf at a cost of £10,000.

50 years ago – July 28, 1973

Sports day at John Blow School, Collingham. July 1973
Sports day at John Blow School, Collingham. July 1973

ABOVE: Determination and grit are needed in sporting events, especially when you are trying to guide a human wheelbarrow towards the winning post.

Glyn Palmer, 10, shows it in his face as he partners Peter Fountain, 10, in a race at the John Blow School, Collingham.

There were no by-election blues when Prime Minister Edward Heath landed by helicopter at Newark Showground to glad hand 300 of the local party faithful and deliver a hurriedly-prepared speech from a specially-erected platform in one of the pavilions.

The only things blue for the Prime Minister’s arrival were the sky, Mr Heath’s suit, the carpet on the platform, and he scabious that decorated it.

As he stepped into the pavilion Mr Heath was greeted by a burst of applause and flashed his famous smile.

A solution to the problem of a shortage of pitches faced by the Newark and District Sunday League is the introduction of a morning section.

The section will have 14 teams.

Next season, the league will being going into the campaign with a record 52 sides.

The Newark Air Training Corps squadron have returned with medals from the Nijmegen march in Holland.

The Newark team of 12 got a team medal and 11 individual medals for their part in the marathon 100-mile four-day slog.

Unions and management representatives talked for 3½ hours to end a 36-hour strike by Lincolnshire Road Car Co busmen based at Newark.

The strike, over a 2p slip by a conductress, cut off all Lincs Road Car services through Newark and caused problems for market day shoppers.

They dropped passengers off at the edge of town and would not pick up on return journeys until they crossed the borough boundary.

100 years ago – July 25, 1923

A letter from the Newark Trades and Labour Council was read out to Newark Town Council complaining of the dust from the gasworks.

Councillor Dale said something ought to be done about this. It was like walking on a promenade during a sandstorm.

Alderman Patrick added they would find a good many people having to stop to get the dust out of their eyes. It had no doubt a great effect on food, for people had to have the windows open this weather.

Unanimous approval was given at the meeting of Magnus governors to a suggestion from the Newark Education Committee that all elementary school children eligible should be entered for the examination for Magnus scholarships.

The Rev Gorse said they wanted to make sure every boy and every girl had a fair chance. Moreover, he thought it would afford them an opportunity for studying the standard of attainment in elementary schools.

Never before had 500 trained voices sung the choral communion service, and Saturday’s festivities at Southwell Cathedral will long be remembered by all those who took part.

The beautiful setting was revealed in all its beauty under the baton of Mr Sydney H. Nicholson and Mus. Batt, organist of Westminster Abbey.

Much interest was taken in the Church Parade in Southwell on Sunday morning, the streets of the town being crowded and the nave of the minster full of worshippers.

The Newark Drum and Fife Band played appropriate music to and from the church, followed by a strong body of men of the local Sherwoods.

Iris Taylor, of Tolney Lane, 14 years of age, accomplished a fine achievement on Tuesday evening in a swim of 3¾ miles in the Trent, from Farndon Ferry to the Clappergate.

The distance was covered in an hour and 40 minutes.

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