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Reader’s letter: A46 money could be better spent

Your headline Get On With It Advertiser, November 30) seems to assume that the majority of Newark residents are behind the A46 bypass scheme.

However, have any residents been contacted by Midlands Connect to express an option? I certainly have not.

It's almost as if Robert Jenrick and his friends have not actually used the A46 on a regular basis or experienced congestion on other major roads at peak times.

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

There are only major hold ups on the A46 about 1% of the time per month, and by major hold up I am talking about 30 minutes or more. A five-to-ten-minute delay can be expected on almost any major road at certain times.

The A46 is no better or worse than many, many roads in the country.

The major delays on the A46 are caused by accidents on the roundabouts, these could easily and relatively cheaply be vastly reduced by the installation of traffic lights. £500m pounds would be better spent on a proper hospital for Newark. — N. ROULSTONE, via email.

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