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Age barrier


Modern teenagers seem to grow up far quicker, in both their mannerisms and appearance.

If they are in any doubt doormen and bar staff are told to ask for identification giving proof of age.

But to add to their difficulties fake IDs are becoming evermore common.

The police licensing officer for Newark and Sherwood, Mr Paul Inman, says it is a growing problem.

Mr Inman today warns those who use fake IDs that he is on to them.

“We aim to ensure that no-one under 18 is served in licensed premises in and around Newark,” says Mr Inman.

He says anyone caught using fake ID would be treated in much the same way as someone caught in possession of an illegal substance.

A successful prosecution would mean a criminal record.

Is the potential punishment really worth that risk?

The link between alcohol consumption and anti-social behaviour is well documented, and young people who drink are among the worst trouble-makers.

Young drinkers not used to the effects of alcohol may also be more at risk of becoming victims.

Those who are genuinely old enough to drink and are asked to prove it should do so without complaint.

There may well come a time later in life when they are delighted to be asked to prove their age — it will simply show they have retained their youthful looks.

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