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A classic pianist and composer of Newark is releasing an album on Piano Day featuring Newark soundscapes.

A classic pianist and composer is releasing an album on Piano Day featuring Newark soundscapes.

Louise Spencer, of Newark, is set to release her 7-day album – My week: on cassette – on Thursday, March 28.

Each track refers to a day of the week, capturing a moment in the composer’s ordinary life, from weekly shopping to morning coffee.

Louise Spencer
Louise Spencer

The first single – Monday morning: waiting at platform 2 – will be released next Friday on March 15.

The album uses soundscapes all recorded in the Newark area and the piano music was composed to fit around each scene.

Louise said: “The everyday sounds inspired me, I spend a lot of time walking around Newark and absorbing the local area, and I wanted to put that into music as a kind of musical journal.

“Newark has so many interesting places and so much atmosphere, it is a lovely place to grab a coffee or go for a walk.

“I'm also really keen to support my local area, shopping locally as much as possible and really thinking about getting back to the basics of life where community is important.”

Louise Spencer playing the piano
Louise Spencer playing the piano

It was produced by independent publisher Pretty Decent Music Records and it will be released on the annual Piano Day, which is held on the 88th day of the year in reference to the standard 88 piano keys.

The multi-instrumentalist, singer and crossover producer often collaborates with electronic producers including Dokkodo Sounds and kiskadee, symphonic artists The Enigma Ensemble and George Wilson.

She remixes with electro-acoustic writer Jonny Martyr, original work with beats producer AS.IF KID, as well as her own solo piano and solo harp releases.

During the 2023 coronation of King Charles III, Louise was awarded BBC Introducing’s ‘Composer of the Week’ on Radio 3, with seven features including multiple singles from her forthcoming album Breathe on the iconic Sleeping Forecast.

Louise additionally writes for media with placements on Sky One, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel, on projects ranging from football adverts to experimental electronica.

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