Progress made on landmark bomber sculpture 'On Freedom’s Wings' off the A46 near Newark

By: Connor Thompson

Published: 16:57, 10 January 2022

Updated: 16:58, 10 January 2022

Construction work on a new monument near Newark — which will be bigger than the Angel Of The North — is under way.

Initial steel work for the Lancaster Bomber sculpture ­— called On Freedom’s Wings ­— has started thanks to corporate and public donations.

The main construction of the life-size Lancaster Bomber sculpture, which will be built off the A46 near Newark, is to be carried out by Timmins Engineering, who will undertake work, valued at £100,000, for free.

'Please continue to donate so we can purchase more steel to feed into the build process', says trust.

They will be helped by MHME, who will make the ancillary parts of the sculpture for free.

Barratt Steel has also donated £10,000-worth of steel, but £90,000 is still needed to fund the ever-increasing price of materials.


Ken Sadler, trustee and project director of The Bomber County Gateway Trust, who launched the project, said: “Engineering and construction firms have had a torrid time during the pandemic so it has been a tough ask to get them to essentially work for free, but Timmons came forward and they have started the work.

A portrait of what it will look like. Credit: Bomber Gateway Trust (53924911)

“But, the price of steel has doubled, which had made it even more difficult for us.

“Once people see some actual progress and some sparks, we hope they will come forward and help us fundraise for the rest of the materials.

“We are looking at around £90,000 to buy the remaining steel.

“It wouldn’t complete the structure, we would still need some goodwill and labour, but it would get us on the way.”

Ken said there was no rush to put a finishing date on the project due to the nature of work and the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

“When will it finished? That is the big question and the honest answer is I don’t know,” he said.


“I have given finishing dates so many times and it has been proven wrong each time, but the good news is progress is being made.”

The vision was brought to life by The Bomber County Gateway Trust — a group of passionate Lincolnshire-based people whose sole aim is to finance and build the structure — to mark the historic link that Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire shared with RAF Bomber Command during the second world war.

The design will be built on high ground just off the A46 at Norton Disney.

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