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The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, graced Newark's Magnus Church of England Academy on Friday as part of a four-day oneLIFE mission across Nottinghamshire

The Archbishop of York visited a Newark school on Friday as part of a Nottinghamshire mission.

Dr John Sentamu was at Magnus Church of England Academy in a mission to bring faith to a new flock.

He and 14 bishops joined together in the four-day oneLIFE initiative and visited schools, churches and Mansfield Town FC.

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York talking to students at Magnus Academy. (16546855)
John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York talking to students at Magnus Academy. (16546855)

“We want all our pupils to flourish in character, in knowledge and become well-rounded people,” he said.

The Archbishop delivered a speech that focused on self-worth, followed by a question and answer session with the children.

"Each of us is so unique and has such worth and if we do not each play our part in life ­— everything falls down.

"It is like a building, if a brick is taken out ­— the whole building crumbles."

Events included the Archbishop delivering a speech to the school on Friday which emphasised self-worth and forgiveness, followed by a question and answer session.

Principal at Magnus, Anna Martin, said Dr Sentamu spoke to the children and echoed and recognised the school's values.

"We are delighted the Archbishop visited and what is really important is the children come away knowing they are worthy.

"We work really hard to build character and the Archbishop played a part in helping the children to find strength and character."

The oneLIFE mission was launched with the Rt Revd Paul Williams, the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, and the Rt Revd Tony Porter, the Bishop of Sherwood.

They were joined by 12 other bishops from the north of England.

In response to the talk, student Dominic Bealing, said Dr Sentamu inspired him to become confident in public speaking.

Also a student at Magnus, Jasmine Walton, said the Archbishop managed to engage her despite not being religious herself.

She said: "What I will take away with me is that even if you are not religious, God will still love you."

Priest-in-charge of Newark Parish Church, the Rev David Pickersgill, was in attendance at the event and said a visit from the religious leader is what the school needed.

"The Archbishop is hugely inspiring and inspires me that Jesus makes a difference in our lives and helps us to live fully ­— and that is what this school is about.

"He was a huge boost to the school and shared thoughts in line with its values."

Other schools involved in the religious retreat included Carnarvon Primary School in Bingham on Friday.

Year two children were visited by the Rt Revd Mark Ashcroft, Bishop of Bolton and the Revd John Wright, Rector of Bingham

The bishop showed his staff, mitre and stole to the children and spoke about how they were used before answering questions on Christianity.


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