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The Advertiser found out if people across the Newark area are still undecided on who to vote for in today’s General Election

Ahead of today’s General Election, the Advertiser took to the streets to find out if people are still undecided on who to vote for.

People have the chance to cast their vote for the person or party they believe will represent them best at Westminster — with the Conservative Party defending its seats in our area.

One national poll by YouGov revealed that roughly 45% of people are still ‘truly undecided’ about which way to cast their ballots — and, for the Advertiser’s weekly vox pop, we decided to see if that’s the case here.

“I have made up my mind and the most important policy for me is immigration and controlling it,” said Ray Coachafer.

Kelvin Fraser said: “I voted all my life for these people and I wouldn’t swap.”

Ian Walker said: “The Labour policy about building. Building specifically, the building on the green belt affects us and will affect us if they allow green belt building. That is something I wouldn’t support labour on.”

Jenny Goddard said: “I just don’t know what they are doing. I don’t think they know. They are just fighting each other. Why not unite and do what is best for the country?

“They should sort the health service out, put people’s minds at rest about taxation, try to help people who are less fortunate. People should not be living in poverty in this day and age.”

With some people refusing to vote or to change their allegiance, the people the Advertiser spoke to had a mixed outlook.

Some admitted to doing a ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ to see where the vote lands, others would go through the ‘eliminatory method’ of striking off all the choices they didn’t want first, whilst others knew from the start who they wanted and what policies they were supporting.

Tracy Ricked said: “I am not undecided, I have decided and I consider it a poor choice because there is not much to choose from but I know who I am voting for.

“Investment and taxing and pensions were the main reasons that helped me decide who to vote for.”

Giles and Nicole Newth
Giles and Nicole Newth

Allan Jenkins said: “I have made up my mind because a couple of things helped me decide.

“The defence policy and the way the party will support business in the coming years are two major factors for me.”

Ruth Harrington said: “I have never ever voted for the Labour party and I never would.

“I like Rishi Sunak and I loved Boris Johnson and I like what they do for the country.

“They can’t perform miracles, we have had a pandemic, so they have done the best they can, I will always vote for them.

“The thought of Labour taking taxing as state pensions horrifies me because I have a state pension.”

People have until 10pm tonight to vote for their preferred party and the votes will be counted throughout the day.

Keep an eye on the Advertiser later tonight and tomorrow morning for more information on the vote and the results.

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