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Reader’s letter: Argument for debit cards

It is ridiculous how in such a card-dependent society there are still cash-only buses, and the worst is when they say they have no change and don’t let you on board.

Even though I am used to using my bank card or even my phone to pay for pretty much everything, I am aware that the 341 Fernwood bus doesn’t accept it.

So I went out of my way to get £10 out of the cashpoint because I needed to get the bus, so have to play it by their rules.


My surprise is when I am entering the bus at 11am from Newark bus station and the bus driver tells me he has no change at that time.

I went out of my way to get cash, but was not allowed on a bus that only operates with cash yet doesn’t have £8 change to give me.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I was stuck at the bus station for nearly another 40 minutes waiting for a bus that would take my card as I wouldn’t risk not having change again.

When are we changing all the buses to cards? Because cash doesn’t seem to be doing much of a good job. I will remember to avoid getting that bus.

I am disappointed and we deserve better. — E. TAYLOR, Newark

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