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Newark Advertiser poll: YouGov finds roughly 45% of voters still ‘truly undecided about who to vote for in UK General Election on July 4

Political candidates have spent the last six weeks hitting the campaign trail, going from door to door, and putting in the steps to win votes this General Election.

However, a recent national poll by YouGov found that roughly 45% of people are still ‘truly undecided’ about which way to cast their ballots.

With the election in constituencies such as Newark predicted to be closely fought — a toss up between Labour and the Conservatives — every vote counts.

Voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box. Stock image.
Voter placing a ballot paper in the ballot box. Stock image.

Pollsters at YouGov examined a sample of more than 600 people from across the country and found that despite being so close to polling day, over 4 in 10 people still have not made up their mind about who to vote for.

Participants were asked to rate out of ten how likely they were to vote for one of the five main parties, to find out which political group might be favoured at the polling station.

In 2019 it was found that a significant portion of the undecided voting public cast their ballots in favour of the Conservatives.

But in this election the sample study showed that the undecided were just as likely to vote for the Conservatives as Labour, both with 9%.

Residents have expressed a range of different priorities they want to see addressed — which the Advertiser put to candidates in a series of questions — but one thing has become clear, that there is significant apathy towards politics as a whole and winning voters over will be tough.

What about you, do you know which way you will vote yet?

If you are still undecided, what more could candidates do to convince you? Which policies matter to you most? Let us know in the comments.

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