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Mark Spencer, MP for Sherwood, has announced his support for Boris Johnson.

By Sharon Hodkin

I am using my column this month to announce that I am backing Boris Johnson to be the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Firstly and most importantly, I think Boris is the man to deliver Brexit.

During the referendum campaign he was an optimistic leave campaigner, and since the referendum he has consistently advocated for a sensible, forward-looking policy to take us out of the European Union.

Mark Spencer, Boris Johnson and Robert Jenrick (13681179)
Mark Spencer, Boris Johnson and Robert Jenrick (13681179)

I think he has demonstrated a clear understanding of the concept of negotiation, and that’s why he will keep the option of no-deal firmly on the table.

In the second place, I believe that Boris Johnson is the right person to defeat Jeremy Corbyn at a General Election.

Corbyn’s brand of populism is extremely dangerous and I believe that we need a strong campaigner to stand up against it.

A proven winner, Boris has won every seat he is stood for at a General Election, and won the Mayoralty of London twice in a row.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party represents a real threat to the economy and, looking at the antisemitism crisis it’s currently mired in, a threat to society at large.

I’m backing the candidate I believe is best placed to connect with voters and keep Corbyn out of Downing Street.

Finally, I see in Boris Johnson a man with a vision.

Nobody can say that Boris will be a continuity candidate, and I am sure that if he becomes Prime Minister, he will lead a transformative Government that will succeed at the important job of keeping the economy in good shape and making a success of Brexit.

The country needs to be led by someone who believes in Brexit, and who believes that a bright future outside the EU is achievable.

I believe Boris Johnson is that person and that is why I am backing him to be our next prime minister.

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