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A demand has been made for Rushcliffe Borough Council to officially oppose plans for a 6,000-home eco-town at RAF Newton.

Mr George Davidson, the Mayor of Bingham and chairman of the No2Newton Action Group, was expected to present a motion to a full council meeting last night.

According to the motion: “The information provided by the Crown Estate’s consortium has indicated that any proposed eco-town built on greenbelt land or as an addition to an existing community (Bingham) would fail to meet the Government’s criteria for such communities.

“For these reasons, Rushcliffe Borough Council should now inform the Minister of Housing that on the basis of the information currently available, it is unable to support such a proposal and that it has no community support and will not satisfy the council’s housing and infrastructure dilemma.”

Mr Davidson was unavailable for comment this week but Mr Martin Suthers, a county councillor and vice-chairman of No2Newton, said he expected the motion, or something similar, would be passed.

He said: “The message is clear and on behalf of people in Bingham, who unanimously support it.

“I would imagine that something similar is going to be passed because it is the general view through the borough that this is nonsense. It is not confined to people that live in Newton and Bingham.”

Mr Suthers said the action group was doing everything possible to make clear their opposition to the Minister for Housing, Caroline Flint.

He said a statement on the sustainability assessment was imminent, which would be followed by two more stages if Newton remained on the Government’s list of potential sites.

He said: “We hope Bingham/ Newton will have completely failed the first stage.

“But we are not holding our breath because it was the Government’s idea.”

He hoped members of the public attended last night’s meeting to show their support.

Mr Suthers presented a 2,000-name petition against the plans to Nottinghamshire County Council.

A copy will be forwarded to Caroline Flint.

Mr Suthers said: “I hope that these things keep the issue in the public gaze and make it clear to the authorities that opposition is pretty unanimous.

“The Crown Estate acknowledged that the number of people expressing support for the plans was an absolute minimum — it was barely in double figures.

“Hopefully they will report that to the minister”

He said the Crown Estate had been in Bingham for many years and hoped it did not want to carry out the work for the Government to the detriment of the links it had with the town.

Mr Suthers said: “Hopefully, that message will get through.”

A full report of last night’s meeting can be found on the Advertiser’s website, www.newarkadvertiser.co.uk

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