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Bring to book


Sadly, they are out there and they do operate in our communities.

The latest to fall victim was a 96-year-old Newark woman.

Unscrupulous conmen took advantage of her trusting nature.

One convinced her he was from a water company and occupied her attention.

While this was happening her home was searched and her life-savings stolen.

The police are doing all they can to catch them.

There should be no misguided loyalty here.

The type of person prepared to commit this sort of crime does not deserve to be protected.

The next victim could be your mother or grandmother.

If you have any information that could help catch them pass it on to the police.

It has been suggested that too many people are sent to prison, and that more community sentences should be imposed.

But the kind of person who thinks nothing of targeting a defenceless victim should have the book thrown at them.

The most severe sanction available is custody. When these dregs of society are found the courts should ensure they are locked away for a very long time.

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