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Burglars struck twice


A young couple have criticised the treatment they received from a landlord after they were burgled twice in five weeks.

Newark couple Roxy Dilger (18) and Sean White (17) live at Wellow Green, Ollerton — a temporary housing unit for the homeless managed by Newark and Sherwood Homes, on behalf of the district council.

The couple’s bedsit was first broken into on November 10.

Thieves stole £1,200-worth of presents, which the couple had saved for and bought despite being unemployed.

The gifts included those for their daughter, Jessica (1). Clothing, games consoles and rent money were also taken.

This month, the couple returned home to find they had been burgled again.

Sean White said: “The burglars got in by smashing a window, which was then boarded up. Newark and Sherwood Homes did not return to fix the window and make our home secure, so the burglars just unscrewed that and got in again.

“Things were thrown everywhere and they took a sack containing all our presents which replaced those taken in the last burglary.

“They even took the teddy bear Jessica won for being voted the Advertiser’s Baby of the Year.”

Roxy Dilger said the events marked the end of a miserable year as her brother, Reese Rose (14) died in March after he was hit by a car on the A46.

She said in the recent burglary about £1,000-worth of possessions, including jewellery, were taken.

She said: “We have not had any sympathy from Newark and Sherwood Homes. Many things stolen cannot be replaced.”

The housing director for Newark and Sherwood Homes, Mr Fin McElhinney, said the window was left boarded at the request of Roxy Dilger, who felt it would be more secure that way.

He said a visit by the company and the district council after the first burglary led to the coupleseeking housing benefit and securing a home on Phillip Road.

He said they had not yet been informed about the second burglary but they would be calling to see the couple to see if they could help.

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