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Celebrate fast NHS access


I refer to the story, Let Us Be Treated At Our Hospital (Advertiser, February 2) and the offer of an ultrasound scan for Mr Robert Campbell.

Mr Campbell was offered an appointment at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton-in-Ashfield, within 24 hours of his GP making the initial request for the scan.

Having rejected the appointment at King’s Mill, Mr Campbell appears happy to have accepted an appointment within seven days of his GP’s referral at Newark Hospital, suggesting perhaps that his ultrasound scan procedure was not sufficiently crucial to have it done immediately.

Rather than complain about the service offered, I would suggest the Advertiser article should celebrate that here in Newark, despite what our critics say, we can almost instantly access hospital services and scans, while at the same time, if non-urgent, we can fit in a medical procedure in line with our lifestyles.

Newark Hospital is a valued asset to our town. Its staff are highly professional and seek to deliver a high-quality service.

Perhaps we should spend a little more time on supporting the staff of our hospital and what it provides than making criticisms of the service.

Our GPs support Newark Hospital and, depending on the level of emergency, promote our hospital as first choice.

It is up to the users to ask for Newark Hospital ­— a choice that will always be accepted ­— but please, in the event of an emergency, let me be offered a service as soon as possible wherever it may be. ­

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