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Elston Parish Council supports vote of no confidence against chairman Mr Bertie Pinchera

A vote of no confidence in the chairman of a parish council has been supported by councillors.

Elston Parish Council vice chairman Peter Clark said he proposed the vote of no confidence against Mr Bertie Pinchera because his conduct was ‘not that of a chairperson’ during the last meeting of the council.

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Mr Clark said: “Through feedback from online social media posts, people were were shocked by the behaviour of Bertie.

“I personally feel the overall conduct was not that of a chairperson.”

Village residents were also disgruntled with Mr Pinchera’s actions following a social media post, which shamed a 93-year-old resident who had not cut her hedges.

Mr Pinchera said: “I consider this issue to be political.

“I have already responded and refute all of the allegations made. I intend to continue as chairman of this council as duly elected.”

Mr Clark said: “It important that we recognise Facebook is a confusing issue for councillors.

“Social media is still relatively new and, ultimately, the Facebook posts were his personal posts, and were not parish council posts as such.

“We did not vote because of anything to do with hedges. It is not a black and white story.

“I feel Bertie has been very proactive as chair. He has got a lot done and has got behind most issues people put in front of him.

“His behaviour was below the standards we expect, but I am not rounding on him as a whole. It is the conduct during the meeting.”

The unanimous decision was made over a virtual meeting on Zoom, which Mr Pinchera hosted. He wanted to leave the call while the item was discussed, but councillors suggested he instead turned his microphone and camera off.

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