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Newark Town Football Club is hosting a charity game at the YMCA Activity Village, Newark to fundraise money for former goalkeeper who is suffering from rare cancer

A football club is hosting a charity game to raise money to contribute to their former goalkeeper’s fundraising campaign for life-saving treatment.

The family of Dan Evans, 18, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise £100,000 for treatment.

Before his illness, Dan played in goal for Newark Town under-18s team.

Goalkeeper Dan Evans (front, centre) with his Newark Town team mates.
Goalkeeper Dan Evans (front, centre) with his Newark Town team mates.

In support of the campaign, the football club is using its United Counties League Division One match on Saturday, January 20, to raise money.

The game will take place at the YMCA Activity Village, Newark, between the local team and Leicester St Andrews.

The club’s vice-chairman, Sarah Robinson, said: “Dan was our goalkeeper, recently we found out from his father that he was back in this rare form of cancer and that is devastating to anyone, let alone the football community as we are one big family.

“We wanted to get the match done quickly because time is running out, Dan needs this treatment, he needs the money quickly.”

Dan Evans
Dan Evans

The games are often paid to secure the club’s funds and maintenance, however, this one will be free entry to all spectators.

There will be a bucket collection at the game.

Sarah added: “For this match, we want to encourage people to come through the gates, watch some great football and rather than pay us to enter the ground, if they would be happy to potentially donate that money or a portion of what they normally would pay to enter, we would be delighted.

“Dan is a schoolboy, he is 18 and he used to go to school, he is known to not just the football community but the youth of Newark.

“Hopefully, we can get the total a bit higher to enable his family to buy that massively, desperately, vital medicine for him.”

Dan’s father, Mark Evans said: “It is amazing, I wish there was a better word than amazing.

“It is heart-touching, people doing stuff of their own accord it is simply wonderful. They don’t have to do this, they are taking their own time to do all this for Dan and I am grateful.

“Any money that comes in it is great, it is needed, what the football club is doing is absolutely amazing and we are grateful to every single person involved.”

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