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It seems that with the fruit pickers shortage caused by Brexit and the covid 19 pandemic, its left to the politicians to cherry pick.

Ignore the experts on Brexit, but follow the science on covid-19 ­— except when they don’t.

Pick which laws you want to obey and which not, regardless of what you’ve told the public to do, if you are a secretary of state or chief government adviser.

What a mess this government is making, whether it’s the pandemic, future trade deals, climate change, you name it.

Where did the authority, the leadership go?

Separately, its amusing to note the contortions in the recent letter from Mr Robert Sheppard (Modelling Is Not Exact Science, News Views, May 21) as he continues his quest to persuade us we can’t do anything about man-made climate change.

He cherry picks the science ­— yes we can believe the scientists about covid-19, but not about climate change. ­— JOHN FREEMAN, Tinsley Close, Claypole.

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