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Reader's letter: Clean up after yourselves

I completely agree with Mr Rodney Hogg (Action Is Demanded Over Rising Anti-social Behaviour, Advertiser, December 17) however, the problems aren’t limited to the Bridge ward area of Newark.

Thoughtless drivers have always been an issue in Newark for as long as I have lived here, treating many roads as a racetrack and overtaking without a second thought.

However, littering does seem to be a problem that is getting worse.

During the lockdown I started taking regular walks around where I live and have been increasingly saddened by the amount of litter that I have seen being dropped.

A lack of bins cannot be blamed because, staggeringly, some of it was on the floor just yards from a bin!

While fast food paper forms the majority of the litter, a new craze seems to be dropping paper masks on the floor when they are finished with.

Who has brought up these people?

When I was young I threw a sweet wrapper on the floor, which was quickly spotted by my mother. She frog-marched me back to the offending item and gave me such a public dressing down while making me pick it up that I have never done it again.

Perhaps public dressings down are the way to go to solve the problem. ­

We are so lucky in Newark to have such lovely green spaces and places to walk so it is a shame that they are being marred by such thoughtless and unnecessary anti-social behaviour.

Please, think about others and start cleaning up after yourselves. ­— A. CHAMBERS, Newark (Full address supplied).

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