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Reader’s letter: Climate action must be taken

Mr M. Patchett’s letter (Trillions Being Wasted On Climate Emergency (News Views, December 28) says “there is no climate crisis”. Really?

My daily newspaper reports that “global temperatures have broken new records in recent months, making this year the hottest on record”.

A month ago, at the Cop28 international conference of climatologists, Simon Still, the UN’s top climate official said that world leaders must “start cutting carbon emissions, as rapidly rising temperatures this year have put everyone on the frontline of disaster. No country can think itself immune from catastrophe.”

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

As Mr Patchett notes there are other factors affecting climate and they too need attention.

Eating less beef will help, since the methane emitted by cattle also contributes to global heating.

Can we drive our cars less? Can we eat less meat and more vegetables? Very difficult! But the future lives of our grandchildren are at stake. — M. BASSEY, Coddington.

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