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Reader’s letter: Climate change claim queried

In M. Patchett’s letter (News Views, December 28) and despite his concerns that trillions were being wasted on climate change emergency there was one line that stood out – ‘there is no climate crisis’.

Isn’t there?

We know that overall temperature has increased in this country and has led to heatwaves in June. The number of severe (named) storms appears to have increased this winter, together with heavy rain leading to floods.


I am quite sure that the many owners of flooded properties would disagree with Mr Patchett, as well as those who suffered the loss of their homes due to wildfires previously

I don’t know how old Mr Patchett is, but as a octogenarian I can recall that as a teenager and growing up when we had good weather it stayed for weeks and we could tell when the real seasons began and ended.

And we really did have snow over Christmas and New Year as well.

Many of your readers may have seen the television programme on Channel 5 – The Big Snow Of 47 – in which the country shivered for seven weeks with a temperarure of -21 and many major businesses were forced to close. A reasonably rare event in those days.

Whilst we have had reasonably good weather for many decades perhaps Mr Patchett would like to explain why our weather system seems to change on an almost daily basis, if this is not due to the effects of climate change on our environment.

Clearly some of the money he mentioned would seem to be better spent on flood prevention. Surely we need to be prepared for global warming – prevention is always better than cure – and an issue ignored is a crisis ensured! – A. M. WADDINGTON, Sutton-on-Trent.

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