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Concerns over police move

As Newark town councillors, we are writing with deep concerns about the moving of Newark Police Station from Queens Road to a new location at Newark and Sherwood District Council offices.

This, of course, came as a shock, as we were told by the Conservative party as recently as December’s election that the police would receive all the funding they needed.

Instead, we now see our police station downgraded and moved to an unsuitable location across a level crossing from the town centre.

We are told by Nottinghamshire Police Chief Constable Craig Guildford that the proposed relocation ­— under the auspices of the Towns Fund ­— of Newark Police Station to a new extension at Castle House, is predicted to save the force £100,000 a year and is‘not a cost cutting exercise.’ Instead, the purpose is to allow our police force to “work in a more agile way.”

However, as pointed out to us by many of the town’s residents, and as anyone who has been caught by the untimely passing of a freight train will be able to verify, being just the other side of Newark Castle level crossing will result in long delays to the police’s rapid response to incidents in the town centre or other parts of Newark.

If the move has already been determined, could the police force consider a smaller, but more centralised position for the Town Centre Team in addition to the proposed new site?

This would increase the visibility and involvement of the police, providing support on bikes or on foot.

Emergency vehicles needing to reach the larger areas of the district beyond the town would not be hampered by the effects of the level crossing.

Newark residents would appreciate some reassurance that this planned relocation will not affect safety within the town. ­— LABOUR NEWARK TOWN COUNCILLORS, DENNIS JONES, JANE OLSON, JAMES BAGGALEY, LAURENCE GOFF AND LISA GEARY.

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