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Nottinghamshire County Council urge parents to put their school choices in before the deadline and tell them the best way to ensure they are reasonably happy with the outcome

A council has urged parents to put in their school applications before the deadline date and has given advice designed to bust some of the myths that they said are out there.

Nottinghamshire County Council advised that applications will close on January 15.

They added that late applications will not be considered until after April 16.

Parents can apply online here, https://orlo.uk/school_admissions_SuNsi

"It's the quickest and easiest way to apply for your child's school," said a spokesman from the Nottinghamshire County Council.

"All schools have their own admissions criteria.

"It is used to decide how school places will be allocated so you should check this before selecting your preferred schools.

"Schools are not told your preference order.

"They will only know that an application has been made to their school and all applications will be ranked in line with the oversubscription criteria.

"Use all four of your school preferences.

"Listing only one school does not increase your chances of getting a place there.

"Using all of your school preferences is your best chance of getting your child into a preferred school.

"We will offer a place at your preferred school if one is available.

"Parents sometimes think that making only one preference will ensure that a place is allocated at that school.

"This is not the case.

"If you list only one school, you reduce the chances of your child being offered a preferred school, and it can mean that they are allocated a school further away than you had hoped.

"Applications are not first-come-first-served.

"All applications submitted before January 15, 2024, are processed at the same time.

"Priority may not be given to children attending a nursery.

"Children do not automatically transfer from nursery to a school so you will still need to apply.

"If the child has siblings already attending a school, mention this on the application.

"More information is available on the website."

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