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Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust - summer to autumn

As summer segues in to autumn during September it can be difficult to notice the difference, but as October dawns the change in season is often more noticeable, and the weather over the last week or so could certainly be described as autumnal.

Along with the shifting weather, autumn hues become considerably more noticeable as they adorn the landscape, with the reds, oranges and golds of autumn evident for all to see. But there is more than meets the eye to the seasonal shift and other changes in the natural world are not quite so obvious to the naked eye.

While the regular visits to our gardens by favourite species, the robin and blackbird, continue, their presence belies a little-known fact ­— the birds you see at this time of year, while familiar looking, may well actually be birds just passing through through or might even have just arrived here to see out the winter.

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