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Nottinghamshire leads the way as England's crime numbers plummet

Crime in Nottinghamshire has fallen by more than almost anywhere else in the country in the last year.

The force's own end of year numbers show that robberies, sexual offences and other serious crimes fell by more than a fifth in the twelve months to March 31, 2021.

With 21,815 fewer crimes reported during this period, the force will record one of the biggest falls in England and Wales at -20.7 %.

Notts Police (43828817)
Notts Police (43828817)

Robberies fell by 35.9%, offences of serious violence by 25.2%, burglary offences by 34.4% and theft by 31.2%.

Vehicle offences fell 36.2% and weapons offences by 16.3%.

Knife Crime fell by a further eight % which now places Nottinghamshire well under the national average - a very significant achievement.

Gun crime reduced whilst the force increased the number of illegal firearms it recovered over the same period.

Drug possessions reduced by 9.1%. However, very pleasingly offences of drug trafficking rose by 11.6% due to a substantial increase in proactive operations targeted at drug dealers in response to local intelligence.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “While this significant fall has undoubtedly been influenced by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, these numbers also reflect the relentless, proactive and resourceful work of my officers and staff, who have risen to this most unique period on policing history with a really positive and ‘can do’ attitude.

"So as behaviours have changed we have adapted and used our resources in different and more imaginative ways. We were reducing crime before the pandemic.

“We’ve continued to recruit new talent throughout the pandemic and our officer headcount is just about to reach 2200 with a further 100 new officer posts in 21/22 in addition to more Police Staff.

“Above all we have been listening to our residents and taking very firm action to respond to their concerns.

"For example, we now have two specialist knife crime teams targeting people who carry knives on our streets; 12 new Neighbourhood Operation Reacher Teams that are disrupting the supply of illegal drugs and giving local dealers sleepless nights, and two teams of detectives dedicated to investigating robberies and preventing burglaries.

“We have also introduced a raft of proactive initiatives to stop crime before it happens and better support victims.

" Our most recent examples are the domestic abuse cars we are launching in Mansfield and Ashfield areas that will now be on hand to offer specialist advice to victims in the immediate aftermath of an assault. Another is the ongoing success of the Violence Reduction Unit – a community partnership to tackle the underlying causes of violent crime. Our ANPR and IT investments have continued to augment our proactivity and preventative capability.

“It is this kind of positive, problem-solving policing that has allowed us to deliver this performance on behalf of the public. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the officers, staff and partners who made it happen.”

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