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Reader's letter: Dangers of simple solutions

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It has, reasonably, been said that “climate is what you expect, weather is what you actually get” but the problem is that, although we are good at measuring weather, we humans are terrible at remembering historic weather, even extreme weather in the past.

In the UK, climate change propaganda is now at an unprecedented level in the run up to COP26 but contains few facts and is mainly scare-mongering around the idea that consensus represents the truth, and that science can be settled.

We hear regularly that the warming will be worse than experts have expected, presumably intended to increase the pressure to act now.

This raises, in my mind at least, a simple question: How can it be that global warming can be worse than you predicted when the actual warming is less than you have predicted?

Extinction Rebellion et al are deliberately disrupting Londoners in going about their ordinary business and large numbers of police are being diverted to control their excesses. But imagine if all those police who are currently busy racing to stop them messing up everyone’s lives with roadblocks could spend more time protecting Londoners from violent criminals.

The American President has recently followed his long-term political beliefs in his recklessly rapid extraction of US forces from Afghanistan and we can see the consequences for ordinary people there. In New York, Hurricane Ida has caused serious problems and loss of life when the resulting high water overwhelmed the flood defences and drainage system.

There are, I believe, serious dangers in following simplistic ideas about solutions to complex problems. Propaganda deliberately intended to appeal to the average man which promote such simple solutions is particularly pernicious in my opinion.

I hope that readers of the Advertiser will think about the various issues facing us today so that they can rise above the average. ­— ROBERT SHEPPARD, Beckingham.

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