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Reader's letter: Decisions wrecking country

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I was fortunate to spend a few weeks in Moscow a few years before the fall of Communism in 1991.

I was therefore able to experience at first hand the realities of daily life under a Communist regime, which are, to a growing extent, being replicated in this country by a government which has become expert in inflicting ever more fatuous rules and restrictions on the population.

Does the prime minister know or care what effect these are having in terms of mental issues, isolation, unemployment, failed businesses, not to mention the confusing and sometimes self- contradictory rulings?

Even worse, we are fed dubious statistical information by the Duo of Doom Witty and Vallance.

It is increasingly obvious, even to this dim-witted apology for a government, that lockdowns simply do not work.

The hope is that the present one, due to end on December 2, will be the last. I’m not holding my breath.

Any vestigial credibility which the government may still have is undermined by the Track and Trace saga (a cynical friend calls it Check and Chase).

When first introduced, Track and Trace was promoted by the government as having a key role in the fight against the pandemic.

Sadly, if unsurprisingly, this has not come about, not least because it became known that the police would have access to the data.

I would never have believed it possible that a Tory government could be accused of destroying this country, but that is precisely what they are doing.

A large percentage of the population will never ever vote for them again. ­— KEN BURNETT, Long Bennington, via email.

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