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Woman’s life saved in mammoth effort after going into cardiac arrest outside Yorkshire Trading in Newark as defibrillator from Old King’s Arms pub is used for first time

A woman’s life was saved by a whole community effort that showed the very best of a towns’ people.

The lady felt unwell while in Newark on Saturday. It’s understood she was out shopping with her two daughters who sat her down on a bench outside Yorkshire Trading and asked her if she was suffering from indigestion,

However, according to passers-by, her condition quickly deteriorated.

Old King's Arms landlord David Smith with the pub's defibrillator.
Old King's Arms landlord David Smith with the pub's defibrillator.

She collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Then the first act of heroism took place, beginning a chain of events that brought human compassion and life-saving skills to the fore.

An off-duty nurse and an off-duty firefighter independently rushed over and began CPR.

Police arrived and closed off the street and chased towards the nearest defibrillator.

Staff from Yorkshire Trading screened the woman and the attempts to save her life with blankets they grabbed from the shelves.

An ambulance arrived and paramedics shocked the woman back to life.

The air ambulance landed and the woman was treated by the crew and then transferred to flown to Lincoln County Hospital where expert medical care delivered at the scene continued.

The defibrillator that was used is mounted on the outside wall at the Old King’s Arms on adjoining Kirkgate. It was paid for through fundraising by the pub and its customers.

Licensee David Smith said he hoped it would never be needed, but was very happy it had saved a life.

“Someboy came for the debrillator and rang 999 for the code for it,” he said.

“They said it was because someone had collapsed outside Yorkshire Trading.and it was needed.

“Police brought it back and thanked us for it being there, saying it had saved someone’s life.

“It’s only there because of our fundraising drive and the cutomers who paid for it.

“I hoped it would never be required, but I’m very proud that it was.

“The outcome would have been very different if it hadn’t of been.”

Customer Andy Robinson was in the pub at the time the defib was requested and said: “I only gave a couple of quid but it’s great to know that the shrapnel in my pocket helped to save somebod’s life. It really brings home what these things can do.”

Holly Arnold was working a Saturday shift at Yorkshire Trading when she became aware of a commotion outside.

She saw what she later came to know as an off-duty nurse and off-duty firefighter both administer first aid and CPR.

She was one of those to collect blankets to shield rescue efforts and keep the lunchtime incident away from prying eyes and protect the woman’s dignity in what could have easily been her final moments.

“We did what we thought we to,” Holly said.

“I’m just so glad they were able to bring her back.”

The Old King’s Arms is now fundraising towards the £400 cost of a bleed kit, which stems the flow of blood in an incident such as a stabbing, and will be the only place in Newark to have one.

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