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Reader’s letter: Democracy will protect the future

M. Bassey’s letter, Backing Up Climate Views, is based on a well-known style of argument called ‘appeal to authority’.

The motto of the Royal Society is ‘nullus in verba’ but it does not seem to follow its own dictum because there is no direct evidence that human activities are changing the climate.

There are only strident voices shouting about a perceived correlation between increased CO2 and a slight change in the temperatures shown by recent satellite measurements.

If the Royal Society is prepared to take the word of activist advocates, perhaps we should look further afield in society and see what other voices might be saying.

In the recent by-elections the Reform party got 10% and 13% of the vote, a significant increase. Richard Tice, leader of Reform, has been one of the most vocal opponents of net zero in British politics.

He advocates abandoning carbon emission targets and would strip renewables of government subsidies. He would accelerate the granting of oil and gas licences and restart coal mining using clean techniques.

Action in our society does not arise from venerable ‘fossil’ organisations but from the ‘vox populi’. I believe our democracy will provide the best protection for our grandchildren’s future. — R. SHEPPARD, Beckingham.

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