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Reader’s letter: Dismal economics of green energy

COP 28 participants seem to be promoting a wind and solar electricity system as the solution to achieving their Net Zero targets. But the truth is that no amount of subsidies can make those targets achievable.

If we continue to build such facilities until there is enough of them to meet demand, it will still not solve the problem because the actual supply does not come at the same time as the demand.

If the wind and solar generation were to be doubled, then on a sunny and breezy day most of the energy generated would have to be discarded or given away. But on a calm night in January, there will still be no supply and full backup will be needed from some other source.


Renewable energy promoters and governments committed to net zero must, therefore, be engaged in a gigantic exercise of self-deception.

Building a wind and solar system, even with storage, without fossil fuel back-up cannot provide cheaper electricity than a predominantly fossil fuel system because the electricity must be more expensive.

The economics of getting to net zero are fundamentally dismal — someone will have to pay for it.

It seems that both consumers and company shareholders seem have decided, recently, that it will not be them. Think about it. — R. SHEPPARD, Beckingham.

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