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Reader’s letter: Divided opinions

When your readers hear the term conserve I wonder where they think this word applies.

It would certainly be interesting to know.

Given climate change, we certainly need to protect our environment in all its many forms and we need to stop polluting our atmosphere with CO2.


Polluting our areas with vehicle exhausts and polluting our seas and rivers with sewerage and chemicals is something that is still happening.

Our central government has done little to encourage privatised water companies to act.

It would appear that some 80% of people in this country are concerned about this issue.

Yet, despite the warnings of the many scientists who have studied this topic over the last 40 years, many in the Conservative Parliamentary Party who went to public schools, Eton, etc, seem to know better and have abandoned green policies.

Can any reasonable person even their so called faithful vote for them in the future?

They have brought about many other problems this country is currently suffering from over the last 14 years and their inept handling of governance since Brexit.

Our current representative democracy is falling apart because of the many factions in the Conservative Party which I no longer consider to be one political party. — A. M. WADDINGTON, Sutton-on-Trent.

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