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Do we need commissioners?

Can any of your readers explain to me why many millions of pounds will be spent on the election of Police and Crime Commissioners?

In 2012 there was a 15% turnout of eligible voters, rising to 19% in 2016.

Most commissioners claim £70,000 to £80,000 a year as a wage. For some, in places, like Manchester and Birmingham, it is £100,000 a year. Many also have deputies (some as many as four) and support staff, which increases costs considerably.

What was wrong with a Police Authority that consisted of elected local councillors, magistrates and business men and women who oversaw the running of each force.

Theresa May introduced this scheme in 2012 as Home Secretary and continued it as Prime Minister.

Did she really have such a bad experience with the police after running through that corn field?

Do the Conservatives want the police to be privatised?

Not many years ago the police were detecting 30 -40 % of crime.

Due to a 20,000 reduction in the number of officers and 25,000 fewer support staff, the detection rate is now about 9%. Criminals have a 91% chance of getting away with their crime.

In some areas people have voted for retired police inspectors as PCC believing that they know about policing,

At best these former officers had a budget of a few thousand pounds, not the nearly £100m budget for some forces.

What is the ultimate aim of the Government in maintaining this expensive group?

Perhaps our MP or Conservative councillors can use your paper to explain it to us. ­— PETER JONES, Farndon (Full address supplied).

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