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Newark Advertiser reader's letter: Don’t waste £7.4m on a roundabout

THE Advertiser of May 27 reported that the public overwhelmingly preferred a flyover scheme at the Newark cattle market island (Fly-over proposal preferred option for A46 Dualling).

Since I use it regularly, I checked the proposal for the A614 Ollerton island.

It would be a slightly larger version of the existing island with one route closed.


Have lessons not been learned on the experience of the current A46 Newark bypass and the response of the public to the new proposals?

Congestion is only significantly eased if through traffic is separated from other traffic.

Spending £7.4m on Ollerton island without fundamentally changing the configuration is an absolute waste of money.

The A614 through traffic needs a flyover.

It is all very well for politicians and public bodies to boast how much will be spent on infrastructure; but is it spent wisely?

It is everybody’s money that they are wasting.

It would be better to complete fewer road improvements that deliver greater efficiencies rather than spread funds across a greater number of inadequate ones. ­— MR R. LAWRENCE, Kneesall.

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