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Dreadful state

At a time when Newark has a Conservative government minister, Sherwood has the government Chief Whip and Mansfield has one of the youngest, brightest and liveliest MP in the country, the county council is run by a Conservative administration, and the district council similarly, why, oh why are they not doing something about the deplorable state of the roads in the county?

In Southwell, where I live and have done so for the past 48 years, I have never seen the roads in such a dreadful state of repair.

Recently, I stood at the crossroads of the Burgage, Station Road and Lower Kirklington Road and Newark Road to watch a number of potholes being repaired.

With a maintenance lorry parked at the side of the road two men were carrying what appeared to be bags of cold tarmac/mastic or similar, tipping the contents into the holes in the carriageway and then ­— wait for it ­— levelling it out with their boot. Yes literally putting the boot in!

If this is the way the carriageway is repaired today then it is little wonder the streets are like a patchwork quilt and like the Mountains of Mourne to drive over.

Southwell and the rest of the county deserve better than this.

Is anyone listening? ­— KEN PURSLOW, Southwell, via email.

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