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Reader’s letter: Empty claims

Could I take the time to point out a glaring inaccuracy regarding a recent article in your publication regarding Strays at the Ossington.

Your reporter makes a big deal about how the building has stood empty for years and implies how Strays have come along to save the day, when in fact, there are five apartments above, three mews to the rear and a small flat also to the rear.

All of which are privately owned, to the collective tune of a several million pounds I would imagine, have never been empty, all paying service charges to fund the soon to begin renovation of the building.

Could I also point out, perhaps pedantically, that the roots of the Ossington coffee palace were in fact in the temperance movement, so a business that sells alcohol, isn’t really going back to the buildings roots simply because they also happen to sell coffee.

All that said the food and atmosphere within the restaurant is superb and I wish Mat and his team a successful future within our building. — A. COLEMAN, The Ossington, Newark.

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