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EU needs us

By Advertiser Reporter

If the hand-wringing Remoaners ­­— those people who want the UK to be one of the United States of Europe — plus spineless self-serving politicians ever manage to dilute or stop Brexit, I predict there will be 17.4m people not bothering to vote in the next General Election.

The UK imports twice as much from the EU as we export to the EU.

The bottom line is the EU needs us more than we need the EU.

Germany, the UK and France put more into the Brussels pot than the other 25 member states put together.

All that interests the EU is the £1bn the UK hands over to Brussels every month in membership fees.

I think we could all find a better use in spending £1bn than to hand it over to the incompetent European Union. ­— Garrick Johnson, Thoroton Avenue, Balderton.

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