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Everything you need to know about your car’s exhaust system

Everything You Need to Know About Your Car’s Exhaust System

You might not give your car's exhaust too much mental headspace because, like the motorways, when it's working well it becomes all but invisible, quietly doing whatever it is that it does, without causing you any trouble or expense! But your exhaust system is a vital part of your car, and you should have – at minimum – a basic understanding of how it works. Let's take a quick look.

A car. Photo: Hakon Sataoen/Unsplash
A car. Photo: Hakon Sataoen/Unsplash

What is Exhaust?

The engine burns fuel in a series of small explosions which produce waste matter – exhaust – in the form of gases and smoke. Modern engines are fitted with catalytic converters which capture the smoke and the worst of the gases, converting them into more harmless emissions, but in the old days, roads often had a blue smog of exhaust hanging over them.

What is the Exhaust System?

The thing that most non-drivers think of as being 'the exhaust' is the very end of the whole system – the vent pipe which spews the remaining gas out into the world – but this is not the case at all. The exhaust system runs under the entire car, forming a line down the middle of the chassis from front to back. It includes areas and gadgets ranging from the previously mentioned catalytic converters to manifolds, mufflers and various sensors, all of which help the exhaust system to keep your car motoring contentedly down the road.

What Else Does the Exhaust System Do?

The exhaust system does not just capture and funnel gaseous emissions out of the car and engine. It also works to reduce the noise of the engine (hence why faulty exhausts are often so loud), as well as monitoring the health of the engine via the above-mentioned sensors. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in maintaining fuel efficiency and engine performance by ensuring optimal exhaust flow. Therefore, exhaust systems should not be neglected because they protect you and your passengers from hazardous fumes. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are essential to ensure the exhaust system functions properly. Neglecting these can lead to reduced engine performance and increased emissions, which can be harmful to the environment and your health and if you are looking for a reliable local garage which offers exhaust fitting for your vehicle; Broadway Autocentres has a team of highly skilled professionals who will complete the work for you in a fast and efficient manner. The exhaust system also funnels heat out of the vehicle, helping to keep things cool enough for safe operation.

Will My Exhaust Overheat in Summer?

The short answer here is no. Your exhaust routinely reaches temperatures of 600 to 700°C which is way, way hotter than even the worst, climate-change instigated summer day which tops out at about 50°C in the hottest places on earth. This means that even if your car is uncomfortably hot due to, for example, sitting in the sun all day, your exhaust system will be absolutely fine and keep on working well. Just make sure your radiator water is topped off!

Now you know a little about how your exhaust system works, you know enough to keep an eye on it – and seek help if you notice anything about it that concerns you in any way!

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