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Exit strategy


The British Parliament voted by a large majority to hand the decision on whether or not to leave the EU to the British people.

The Government must obey the people’s decision.

The terms of that exit can only be negotiated during the two years after giving Article 50 notice to the EU.

All that is needed now is a simple statement of British intentions to be given with that notice.

For example:

“Britain intends to trade free of tariff with most nations of the world.

“Britain intends to work in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Organisation, the World Customs Organisation, the Basel Committee on Banking, Codex Alimentarius on Food and Agriculture, etc.

“All those people of other nationalities living lawfully in Britain on June 30, 2016, will be allowed to remain here in peace.”

Since we gave away the authority of our Government and Parliament to the EU, our judges have more and more taken it upon themselves to make decisions that should be made by Parliament, or by the people in a referendum if Parliament so decides. ­

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