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Reader's letter: Facts to convince climate sceptic

I was staggered to read the article about Nottinghamshire County Council leader Kay Cutts remaining sceptical about climate change (Advertiser, January 8).

Mrs Cutts does though take filthiness seriously though, thank goodness. This level of ignorance is unbelievable from a person in a position of leadership at any level.

The councillor states that she’s a sceptic until proved otherwise. Well, the Paris Agreement (2015) legally binds 194 countries to commit to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and global temperature increase. Is this a subtle enough for Councillor Cutts?

How about climate fluctuation happening 20-50 times faster than the natural process with 97% of climate scientists agreeing it’s real and that humans are to blame? Will that do it Kay?

What is it going to take?

Mrs Cutts does seem to have a keen interest in farming. Interestingly, globally-speaking, animal-based agriculture takes up 83% of farm land, but delivers just 18% of dietary calories. Actually, the food system as a whole accounts for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Mrs Cutts doesn’t have to be a “ridiculous vegan”, but if she ensured that two of her meals per day were vegan, she could cut her food-related carbon emissions by 50%.

Food for thought.

Environmentalism is not the agenda of extremists, it’s our reality and future.

Thank goodness Councillor Cutts is making way, hopefully for people with a better grasp (some kind of grasp) of the issues at hand. ­— J. ASKHAM, North Muskham.

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