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Reader’s letter: Fairer voting system needed

Recent turmoil in Westminster is just the latest evidence that politics is not working.

Our first past the post electoral system, far from delivering strong and stable government as its advocates claim, has produced nothing but chaos and division.

And it’s only getting worse.

Letters stock image
Letters stock image

Since July 2016, the average tenure of UK cabinet ministers has been 15 months— a shameful record among comparable western-style democracies.

The consequences of this political paralysis are plain for all to see — squeezed living standards, towering NHS waiting lists, wholesale contempt for politicians.

It’s striking, then, that according to recent study, countries with proportional voting systems, in which parliament accurately reflects the way people voted, are on average more stable politically than those with winner-takes-all systems like ours.

Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer recognise that politics is failing to deliver, but have yet to propose serious solutions.

They should bring us all some new year cheer and commit themselves to a better voting system: proportional representation. — S. DANDO, Maythorne, Southwell.

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