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Reader’s letter: Fears for the future of banks

I tried to open a bank account the other day. I went to three banks in Newark and the response I received was what I can only describe as lacklustre.

All three banks told me that they preferred me to do everything online.

"This is the way it is done now," said a branch worker while cradling an iPad.


One of the three banks offered to do the process for me and I ended up opening an account with that bank even though they were not my first choice.

I am reasonably young and technologically savvy. However, if I want to go in and speak to someone face to face, I should be allowed to do so.

The workers were sitting in the bank not doing much. There were hardly any customers in any of the branches and I began to think that this was by design.

Banks used to be a hive of activity but they have now created an environment where they can justify closing branches to maximise profit margins.

Since the start of the year, we have lost two major banks, at least, on Newark's high street.

What about the elderly and people who have special needs?

Banks and bigger businesses are an integral part of the high street environment and they are disappearing.

This has a domino effect on traffic on the high street with other smaller businesses.

Banks seem to care more about their shareholders than their customers.

I worry for the future. – C. SMITH, via email.

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