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Drama thriller Times And Measures, made entirely in Ollerton, joins Amazon Prime

A film made entirely in Ollerton in just seven days is being distributed on Amazon Prime.

The drama thriller, Times And Measures, is writer and director Kelvin Richards’ first feature film.

Director Kelvin Richards working on his newly-relased feature film. (42434986)
Director Kelvin Richards working on his newly-relased feature film. (42434986)

Kelvin and his wife and business partner, Holly Jarrett, who co-produced the film, met when they were studying media at school.

They set up their own video production company, Aether Productions, in 2009, with a team of writers, directors, producers and production crew to create a range of films.

“We always had our finger on the pulse of wanting to achieve the dream of becoming full-time film-makers,” Kelvin said.

“We have been trying to get funding for another feature film for years now and the feedback was always ‘sounds interesting, but you have no feature film experience’.

“So we rolled up our sleeves, wrote down a list of locations, actors and crew that we knew we would be able to call in favours from, and wrote an entire film around those restrictions.

“We then managed to shoot the film over the course of seven long days, luckily just before lockdown.”

They have since edited and scored the film.

“It’s now gaining traction on Amazon Prime, which is very exciting,” Kelvin said.

“Our biggest pride really comes from the fact that we managed to make a feature film in just seven days, with no money and a cast and crew of only eight people.”

Kelvin and Holly moved to Ollerton two years ago because most of their clients lived in the midlands and north.

“The moment we bought the house we were already coming up with ideas to use it as a filming location,” Kelvin said.

Times And Measures is described as a claustrophobic Hitchcock-style film set in one home and woodlands, about a mother who is desolate when her husband leaves her and her daughter to fend for themselves, struggling to make ends meet.

The film stars Thea Knight, who also co-produces, Daisie Boyes, and Alex Smart.

To see the film, go to https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08J871694/

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