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Find the money to feed our children

We feel it is unfortunate, to say the least, that the government will not extend support to feed children in what are extraordinary and unprecedented times given the pandemic; especially so when the lives of children and families in particular have been so disrupted and impoverished for most of this year.

Rightly, the government has tried to support businesses and the economy to the tune of billions of pounds. However, it has also handed millions, if not billions, of taxpayer pounds to under-performing private sector companies and £6,000+ a day to ‘consultants’.

Yet, apparently, it can’t find a few million ponds to feed children.

Local councils, apart from Ashfield, are not among 77 offering support; neither do most of our local MPs call for a change in policy and voted to withhold support for feeding children.

With support pouring in across the country for Marcus Rashford’s campaign, our councils, MPs and the government are out of step with the majority of people.

As Marcus commented at the response to his campaign: “Ever more proud of being British? And we’re still going! Wow!”

Yes, this makes us proud ­— local and nationalgovernments’ attitude do not. ­— PHILIP AND MARGARET METCALFE, Newark.

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