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Trigger Guide launched by Ghengis Fireworks, ranks noise levels and offers seven tips on how to safely have displays at home

A firework trigger guide has been unveiled by a supplier, ranking them by noise levels and giving tips on how to safely have a display at home.

The guide aims to help those affected by firework noise to find which ones are best suitable, allowing them to have a better time.

The UK government found that 37% of UK adults have concerns over the safety and distress that fireworks can cause to animals and people.

Crowd enjoying fireworks during festivities (60394777)
Crowd enjoying fireworks during festivities (60394777)

Director at Ghengis Fireworks, Norman Wilkinson said: “Autistic and noise-averse children or those with other sensory sensitivities may really struggle to understand what’s going on, and the multiple bangs can cause considerable upset.

“Our Armed Forces heroes may also find fireworks triggering, especially if they have been diagnosed with PTSD.

“Rather than going for loud bangs, consider choosing fireworks with lower noise levels.

“They can be just as amazing to look at, without causing any distress.

“There has been plenty of talk around silent fireworks but these don’t actually exist.”

Last year, RSPCA reported that 69% of UK adults regularly take at least one measure to help prepare their animals for fireworks.

Fireworks noise levels rank can be found at https://www.fireworks.co.uk/firework-safety/firework-trigger-guide/

Ghengis Fireworks put together seven tips on how to use fireworks safely.

  • Plan ahead the firework display, including prepping the launch site, collecting the equipment and informing the neighbours.
  • Always keep the fireworks dry and in a sealed damp-proof box as water can damage them and make them unstable.
  • Always make sure to clean up properly any dispose of used fireworks via the general household waste.
  • Keep a safe distance from fireworks and only ever use one at a time, to keep it in control.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby, to be prepared for any mishaps.
  • Keep all pets indoors, even if not afraid, it avoids them running around or away.
  • Avoid having bonfires at home, if out of control it can be dangerous and smoke can aggravate respiratory problems.

Mr Wilkinson said: “People want fireworks for a range of celebrations from bonfire night to baby showers and weddings.

“But when it comes to buying fireworks, the most important aspect is safety.

“Sadly, despite the warnings, fireworks can still be misused, and in extreme cases, they can cause serious injury.

“Remember that these are explosives, and should be treated with the utmost respect.”

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