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Midlands Connect’s 20-year improvement plan for A46 Newark Bypass is backed by Siemens

By Connor Thompson

Major plans to improve the A46 Newark Bypass has been backed by an engineering firm.

Siemens’ Lincoln business, which employs more then 1,500 people, is backing Midlands Connect’s 20-year improvement plan to complete the much-needed A46 bypass because it believes road investment is essential for the company to create jobs and to invest into the area.

The firm services industrial gas turbines from more than 90 countries from its Global Service Operations Centre (GSOC) at Teal Park, off the A46.

A46 Newark bypass near A1 roundabout.. (10029349)
A46 Newark bypass near A1 roundabout.. (10029349)

It stores 30,000 parts and fulfils around 1,200 shipments every month. The majority of its orders travel south on the A46 via Newark, to complete deliveries to customers in the UK, and to access ports and airports to distribute orders worldwide.

Eduardo Pavan, Head of Global Logistics, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, said improving congestion around Newark must be a top priority.

He said: “We are finding a lot of congestion on the A46 throughout the day, especially around Lincoln and Newark. It can hold traffic up for an hour and a half, if not longer.

“There are around four major roundabouts to get to the other side of Newark, and since the majority of our parts are going that way, through to East Midlands Airport or Dover, we drastically need that funding here.

“Without the A46 we wouldn’t be able to hit our service pledges to our customers.

“We can create jobs here in Lincoln and for the UK, and therefore we need that investment for the sustainability of our business, and to continue to provide our customers with the level of service they require.

“It’s a very highly competitive market, and in two years’ time our customers might be wanting deliveries in two days rather than three, and unless we have that rolling infrastructure and that investment, we can’t offer our customers that type of service, and then we’ll lose business.”

A46 Newark bypass near A1 roundabout.. (10029284)
A46 Newark bypass near A1 roundabout.. (10029284)

Siemens is backing Midlands Connect’s wider 20-year improvement plan for the A46, which covers a 155-mile stretch of the road and highlights Lincoln and Newark among the main pinch points on the A46 where average speeds at rush hour are regularly below 20mph.

Midlands Connect, alongside its partners at Transport for the East Midlands has repeatedly called for confirmation from the government and Highways England that the much-needed A46 Newark Northern Bypass, first announced in 2014, is completed by 2025, to relieve one of the East Midlands’ worst bottlenecks, facilitate housing and employment sites and improve access for freight traffic.

The A46 is one of the country’s most important trade routes, with more than a fifth of goods produced on the corridor being exported.

One in five businesses surveyed by Midlands Connect said they had considered relocating due to poor traffic conditions on the A46, and nearly two-thirds said they would create new jobs if the road was improved.

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