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Newark and Sherwood: Second national lockdown to suppress coronavirus welcomed by residents

“I have seen all sorts in my lifetime, but nothing like this quite honestly — I wonder what Winston Churchill would think.”

This response to the second national lockdown was voiced by a man who has lived in the Newark area all his life, adding the four-week lockdown made total sense.

Richard Weaver, 88, said: “We are not making any progress and I think people have got so mixed up, quite honestly.

Deserted Newark town centre on the first day of the spring lockdown.
Deserted Newark town centre on the first day of the spring lockdown.

“I’m one of the older people, in December this year I shall be 89 and I haven’t seen anything quite like coronavirus.

“I bet Boris Johnson wished he didn’t take on the job of Prime Minister because, for me, it’s a bit like Mr Trump — it’s theatre now, it’s not real.”

Nicole Webb, 18, and Ellie Sunman, 16, who study at Newark College, said they felt Christmas would be cancelled, with the previous lockdown having lasted several months rather than weeks.

Newark town centre. (42971751)
Newark town centre. (42971751)

“We kind of expected the second lockdown to be honest but I feel none of the rules make sense,” said Nicole.

“Everything has been done too late and it’s like — how can we not go into a shop but can sit together in a class room? It’s ridiculous.”

Ellie added: “I think it’s stupid they are keeping schools open because that’s when everything starts spiking back up.

“You can’t mix with your family but my sister is allowed to mix with 30 households in her class. I don’t understand.”

Terry Fox, 74, and wife Denise, 63, of Newark, agreed the second lockdown should have been done earlier.

Boar Lane, Newark.
Boar Lane, Newark.

“We don’t think it will last just the four weeks,” said Denise.

Terry added: “It is very difficult for everyone at the moment and I don’t envy the politicians.

“I think more than likely it will be opened up for Christmas, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Lee Silvester, 16, of Newark, said he believed schools should be closed during the lockdown.

“If we did that for four weeks, surely it would be fine,” Lee said.

“A lot of people are going to get the flu this winter and will be scared and call it corona.

“When pubs re-opened there wasn’t really a spike, but when schools opened again, it spiked massively.

“The lockdown may go into Christmas but I really don’t think it should — Christmas is for families. They will get together no matter what.”

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