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Ian Willows to offer cardiovascular seminar to people interested in improving their health in Newark, Nottinghamshire

A strength and conditioning coach is offering a free seminar about cardiovascular diseases to the community.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday night (November 14) between 6.30pm and 7.30pm and is free to members of the public who book online.

Ian Willows has been a trainer for over 25 years and is running the free event to help people avoid cardiovascular diseases.

The free seminar is open for people to come, just book on the form in the article. Image: Coach Ian Willows.
The free seminar is open for people to come, just book on the form in the article. Image: Coach Ian Willows.

The event will take place at his fitness studio which is located at Unit One Flexspace, Jessop Close in Newark, NG242AG.

Anyone interested in attending can fill out the form by clicking here.

The World Health Organisation has said that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable.

"There is not enough being done about the world's biggest killer, cardiovascular disease," said Ian.

"Cardiovascular disease killed more than twice the amount of people than cancers and it is the number one cause of death globally."

"There are 18.6 million deaths every year from Cardiovascular Disease and it is something that can be easily addressed."

Ian said he operates the fitness studio where he prides himself on offering holistic approaches to his clients.

"It is a smaller studio that is designed to accommodate small group training," said Ian.

"We do small classes of four to six people on average.

"I also do one one-on-one training.

"I am a strength and conditioning coach who focuses on methods that were originally used on athletes but are great for everyday people.

"My job is to be there to guide, help, motivate, and inspire every person who signs up and trains with me.

"I look to improve their health span and increase their life expectancy.

"I do try to do things differently in our gym."

For more information on the gym visit the Facebook page by clicking here.

Ian explains healthspan as the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health.

"Let's just say someone lives until they are 80, they might develop health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension at 65 so their function could deteriorate," said Ian.

"This could potentially affect things like a person's ability to move around, carry shopping, being able to put on clothes, take medication — it would have an impact on their daily life.

"This means it would affect their quality of life.

"This training is good for delaying the onset of the health span diminishing."

"When people start to come and see me, they see the value in it.

"The business is not about just that session, it is about all the other things that they do in their life, together the client and I address questions to find the answers.

"What is their cardio like?

"Do they do much walking?

"How much sleep do they get and what is the quality of that sleep?

"What is their nutrition like and how do they manage stress?

"These are just some of the many important things to consider.

The fitness studio. Image: Coach Ian Willows.
The fitness studio. Image: Coach Ian Willows.

"That one hour in the gym is only one hour out of 168 in the week, by understanding the life they lead, we will get far better results together.

"It really is a holistic approach to training to improve somebody's life.

"My methods are very bespoke and are tailored to the individual."

Ian and his gym have teamed up with MyZone technology, which is a state-of-the-art wearable heart rate tracker.

"I'm the only gym or private studio in Newark that has this product," said Ian.

"I shall be coaching people on how to safely and effectively increase their heart health.

"They don't need to be a member of a gym to use it.

"They can use it when they work out in another gym or use this monitor live in my facility in their sessions.

"Unlike other fitness trackers, the MyZone belt focuses on heart rate, not steps, calories, or fitness FADs."

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